Vivo V15, Launches Vienna Series in Pakistan Price Review

Vivo V15, launches the Vienna V15 series in Pakistan with the first 32-megapixels pop-up camera, Vivo introduced a smartphone V15 and V15 Pro at the top of the stars in Lahore today. Viva’s NEX series has introduced the first smartphone in the V15 series which is V15 32-megapixels popup populous with cell phone. It has also been upgraded with ART Fusion Intelligence Technology. Vivo V15, These two are combined together to create a fabulous full-screen smartphone in which the present intelligent personal assistant understands its needs and its needs.


Vivo V15, Price In Pakistan


Vivo V15,


Vivo V15 has once again tried to improve the consumer’s mobile devices through the latest and low-cost smartphones that have included such high technology technology, which are usually used only in premium smartphones. Vivo V15 price,  In addition to the camera, there are several high-tech technologies in the V15 series. Like the AI ​​Triple Camera, Vivo V15 Smartphone, on a new level of pro-photographic graphics through smartphones. In addition to this screen fingerprint scanning technology is also available in the smartphones. Mr. Eric Kong, Chief Executive Officer of Wevy Pakistan, says that innovation is one of our values.


Vivo V15 Smartphone:


In addition to the first popup cell phone that provides us with full bezel-less and ultra-full View displays, we can always add other features such as high quality cameras and smart AI services that bring mobile appears to a new dimension. Vivo V15 Reviews, Keep trying The V15 series is a clear example of our Creator to introduce high and advanced products to users of every field of life.

Vivo V15 Price and Reviews Pakistan:


Prices and availability pre-order of V15 Specification, series are being received. V15 Pro will be available in a new colored Topaz Blue and will cost Rs 64999. It will be marketed on March 16 in the market. While V15 will be available in two colors in Topaz Blue and Glamor Red and the price Vivo V15 Launches the Vienna Series in Pakistan Price Review.

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